Munday Runday: In Peter Sagal’s Words…

“The egress will not be denied.”

OK, we knew this post was coming, it was just a matter of time.

But seriously, if you run longer distances, you know how important it is to prepare your digestive system…so, let’s be honest, how close have you come to pooping yourself?

I usually prep a little extra before long runs like my annual 10 miler or half marathons, but I don’t put much thought into training runs unless they’re over 6 miles just because it seems so routine to run 6 miles or less. My body should be ready for this, right? Well, not necessarily. I was recently out on a 6 miler and at 5.6, my bowels had had enough. There was no sign of irritation until then, and I was quite surprised at the turn of events. I ran SO FAST that last 0.4 mile leg of the run. I couldn’t believe my body was betraying me like this! I’m not at a race, there’s no port-a-pot for a quick break, I can’t just choose a tree that’s in front of someone’s house, I HAVE to get home. Thankfully, I made it home without incident. WHEW. But I also couldn’t help but think about how sudden and scary this was. I could have pooped myself a block away from home. Wow. This could have been a race with hundreds of other people. Then what?!

This wasn’t my first close call, but it’s fresh in my mind, so now I’m paranoid. I’m praying that I run fast during my next training runs because I’m getting stronger, not just because I need a toilet.