5 Costumes For Halloween Racing

Halloween is no doubt a fun holiday for most, but it also provides a great opportunity for runners to get creative. Sure, some races feature costumes runners and spectators anyways, but Halloween is when everyone can get into the spirit. Whether you’re looking for something spooky, funny, or comfortable, we’ve got some great ideas for everyone. And the best part is that these costumes can all be put together on any budget!

  1. Skeleton bodysuit
    This is an obvious choice because the costume is spandex, also known as running attire! You can find really nice bodysuits online for a high price point or you can put together something more affordable and sweatworthy with cheaper pieces like these leggings from American Apparel.
  2. FairyThis option is also built into the sport in a way. Runners wear DIY tutus for themed races a lot or just in every race they run to support a cause with a show of colors or solidarity. There are a lot of tutorials out there like this one for tutus. Find your fairy wings and you’re all set! (Please, be sure to make the wings manageable–you don’t want to slap other runners in the face with your wings.)
  3. Forrest GumpForrest-Gump-3If you want to channel your inner distance runner, dress as Forrest Gump! This is obviously a comfortable costume to run a race in, unless your beard (fake or real) gets a little too sweaty and itchy.The costume is complete with some retro running shorts, a collared shirt, trucker hat, old school gym socks, and an adequate beard. You may even…just keep running.
  4. Superhero-_35
    Whether you’re a Marvel fan or DC fan, a superhero costume is pretty much made for running. Again, it’s spandex! And if it’s good enough for fighting crime, it’ll be good enough for crossing the finish line. Maybe try to coordinate your super power to the run (a superhero with lightning speed or make your own character like “Captain No Bathroom Stops”).
  5. Steve Prefontaine
    jared-letoIf you’re running a costumed race, you’re likely to see more than one Prefontaine, which can be really funny or disappointing. This is similar to Forrest Gump for obvious reasons; just make sure your costume is good for this one, otherwise you’ll just look like another retro runner. Take some hints from Jared Leto.

-K & R