Munday Runday: Track Running

In my last Munday Runday post, I mentioned that I did a lot of track running during my vacation in Silver City, NM. I’ve actually never run on a track before (other than the “track” on a cruise last year…but that was just laps in the middle of the ocean). I wasn’t athletic in high school and I’ve always preferred running and exploring in new areas to running laps for obvious reasons. Silver City wasn’t exactly conducive to longer runs because the roads wind a lot, making traffic dangerous, and the hills in the area were so large that there was no way I could get too far. So, to the public track it is! My dad and I ran every day of this trip to get motivated to keep up our routine when vacation was over. I averaged about 4 miles on the track every day, meaning more than 15 laps. Just running in circles. Round and round and round and round. Surprisingly, I didn’t get outrageously bored doing this, but I think it was because I wasn’t running alone. I’m going to be looking into finding a track nearby with public access because it’s actually really a really useful resource.

The big benefits that I found to running on tracks:

  • Safety
  • Close to your car
  • Close to a bathroom
  • No risk of getting injured by a vehicle
  • Knees/joints
  • The track provides cushioning for sore joints
  • The terrain is even, so twisted joints are unlikely
  • Inclines are nonexistent, so no strain when trying to achieve distance
  • Mileage tracking is easy
  • Daydreams
  • You can daydream a little easier about things like being a track star and training for your olympic debut (and eventual gold medal)