Favorite Bottoms

Last month I posted about running bras, so it’s only fair that I give the bottoms [BUTTS] a chance! This is another difficult part of dressing for running that I’ve found a little easier through trial and error. I only have one pair of shorts that I’m comfortable running in, but that doesn’t mean I’m limited to warm pants that will make me overheat. (It’s not time for a winter running gear post yet! SHEESH.)

C9 Champion

C9 Pants
C9 Crops

Sometimes Target can be overwhelming. We all know it. Sales everywhere and the temptation to buy a cartload of things you don’t need. This is how I stumbled across C9 Champion workout gear, though! I found my first capris on sale here and it’s been snowballing ever since. These are great lightweight running gear that I can wear almost year-round (just not those 100 degree days we get in August and September). They’re great for layering on cold runs, but they’re also great for the in-between days including warmer ones where shorts would pose the threat of chafed thighs.



I mentioned in my bra post that Marika is a favorite of mine that I discovered at TJ Maxx. The clothing is affordable and great quality, including these shorts. I bought the black ones first and a couple of years later, I found myself wearing them while caught in a downpour and they stayed in place, preventing chafing. I hunted down another pair immediately, hoping they’d be the same, but something is a little different – the elastic isn’t as grabby or something, because my thighs chafed SO BADLY after a particularly sweaty run in these. The crazy blue shorts are now retired to weight lifting and stretching only. Still some of the softest running gear I’ve ever found, though!

90 Degree By Reflex

90 Degrees

90 Degrees is an incredibly affordable line and I’ve found that this company really knows how to design winter running gear. I love it! I treated myself to a new pair of running pants this spring because I was tired of the black winter gear I have. These pants are amazing, but wow are they thick! Definitely restricted to chilly runs only. Otherwise I feel suffocated. But, the good thing is they get the job done and have a great fit. The fabric is thick, soft, and I don’t feel the elastic around the waist being pulled down. (Know what I mean? When the pants catch on your legs and get tugged down while you’re running?)

Scorpio Sol

C9 Crops

Scorpio Sol is a mystery to me. I found these fun pants on sale at TJ Maxx for $11. I didn’t try them on and figured if they were troublesome, they’d be tossed in the winter layering pile. Luckily, that wasn’t the case! The fabric is a little thick, but not nearly as thick as the floral pants, so I can wear these comfortably in the summer (as long as it isn’t midday and ridiculously sunny, come on). Now for the mysterious part of these pants: I can’t figure out this brand. I don’t know if it was discontinued or is a branch of something else, but I can’t find an online retailer or simply a website specifically catered to this brand. Since I found them at TJ Maxx, this isn’t surprising, but you may be able to hunt some down there as well!


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