Munday Runday: Fitbit/Runkeeper Integration

Okay so I love my new Fitbit.

Seeing data on my sleep, heart rate, and steps is amazing, and the community is great. I have a lot of friends who also have Fitbits, and it’s fun to do challenges to compete for the highest step count. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for!

The Problem:

What isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, however, is Fitbit’s integration with other apps. Namely, Runkeeper. The MyFitnessPal integration is pretty solid, but there isn’t an easy way to automatically export a Fitbit activity as a Runkeeper activity.

Q. Why do you want to track with Fitbit instead of Runkeeper?

A. Tracking a Fitbit activity lets you zoom in on your HR details for that point in time and I like that.

Q. Why do you need the runs in Runkeeper instead of Fitbit?

A. I like Runkeeper’s goals; my yearly goal is in there. Also, my friends are on Runkeeper.

The Ugly, Hack-y Solution:

Tapiriik. This is a service that syncs data between different sport apps. You can go visit the site to sync your data whenever you want to, or you can pay $2 / year and have it sync automatically (which I elected to do). Now, this might not seem like a super hack-y thing, but what makes it gross is that even with Tapiriik, Fitbit and Runkeeper do not sync directly. You need to go through a middleman, Strava. Strava is, apparently, another run tracking app, and I needed to sign up for an account, link it to Fitbit, link it to Tapiriik, and then link Tapiriik to Runkeeper.

Everything works now. But it shouldn’t have been that complicated. Sheesh.



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