City Sights: September

We run a lot of races at Edgewater Park. A lot. They all start at lower Edgewater, and I’m pretty familiar with the views that come with this route. Or so I thought. I decided to go for a run at Edgewater one day a couple of weeks ago, since I had to run some errands in Lakewood after work anyways. From where I was, it was easier to park at upper Edgewater and start from there. I headed out on my run and stopped in my tracks because I saw something completely new and different in this place that I thought I knew like the back of my hand. I think it was a combination of the time of day and the new route I was running, but I felt like I was in a different park! This just goes to show that even if you feel like you’re as familiar as you can be with an area, there’s always something new to discover, you just have to find a different perspective.

upper edgewater
Hello, gorgeous Cleveland skyline!


I also sighted one hell of a city this past weekend!

Apparently, moving to Chicago is totally in right now, as a number of my friends have ended up there. So my friend Sam and I went on a short road trip for a weekend of debauchery and hedonism, as per the usual. Ever the optimist, I decided to bring my running gear along, in case we felt up for something healthy to break up the marathon of food and booze. And, despite waking up a bit hungover Saturday morning, we felt up for the challenge! (It helped that I had just opened my new Fitbit, and wanted to play with all its cool features, especially the heart rate tracking while exercising. More on that later!)

Hangover runs are hard
Hello, gorgeous Chicago skyline!

Rest assured, though, that as beautiful as this skyline is, it isn’t even my favorite skyline in this blog post. 😉