Munday Runday: Fitbit

I just ordered a Fitbit!

I’m super excited, ‘cause I love cool gadgets. Like new running clothes or shoes, fitness technology can be super motivating. You want to get the most out of the new toy you bought, so you can’t wait to get out and use it!

I settled on the Charge HR. I’ve been pretty torn about what device I actually wanted, but I think this will be a good choice. I picked Fitbit over some other Android Wear device, because from what I’ve read, Fitbit is just better at what they do. The algorithm is more accurate, the software is well designed, and there are lots of other Fitbit users I can interact with. While I do want a smartwatch soon, I didn’t want to give up on these benefits I’d get from having a standalone fitness tracker.

not my skin, obviously

And the Charge HR, specifically, was of course because of the HR. Especially now that I’m going to focus on speed and cardiovascular endurance, I think the heart rate information will be invaluable. It should be here in less than a week, so after I try it out a bit, I’ll do a review!