Munday Runday: Traffic

I’ve recently run into a lot of traffic during my commute to work. It’s frustrating and amazing to see how people deal with situations that are out of their control. Admittedly, I don’t enjoy being stuck for reasons I can’t foresee, and I especially don’t like being forced to use PTO for the time that I’m being run late stuck in traffic. But that’s a whole other post and doesn’t belong on this blog.

What I realized during one particularly impressive traffic jam was that it took me about 20 minutes to get 3 miles (my whole commute is 6 miles). I posted something on twitter about this and R immediately asked me to explain. He thought I was running super fast, but I was actually driving super slow. But that got me thinking about driving and running and how I felt like I would have been more efficient that morning if I were on foot! I wouldn’t have had to stop as much and I would have just kept cruising along. In all, it would have taken me longer to run, but there’s something about constantly moving that makes it feel better—exactly why traffic jams are so frustrating!

So I guess maybe I should start running to work!