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Sports bras, running bras, whatever you may call your activewear undergarments, are important. Speaking from the point of view of someone who values a good running bra and has a chest on the smaller side, I can only imagine how necessary some more well-endowed girls feel that a good quality bra is for running. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below. I’ve found that these work really well for me, whether I’m running a “quick” short distance or a longer distance like a 10 miler or half marathon. Some are better than others and I’ve found that the best way to learn this is through trial and error. I get most of my running gear from TJ Maxx, as they always have a good variety and the price point is great for trying new things!

Avia bras

Avia used to be my go-to and I still love these bras, though I feel like I need a little more when it comes to long runs. They aren’t made of any wicking or tech fabric, so the sweat seems to stay right where it is, which isn’t the best for longer or warmer runs. I still love these affordable bras, though, and they’re a great staple.

MPG bra

Mondetta Performance Gear is definitely not in my price range, but I snag some good items at TJ Maxx every so often. This MPG bra has stuck with me through innumerable miles. This is by far my favorite bra to run in, though it’s getting stained and worn out, so I definitely need to replace it soon. The only downside is that I get occasional chafing when I wear this bra, but I think this is because it’s so worn out and old that the stretch in it is giving out and allowing some movement while I exercise. Which brings me to my next favorites…

Marika bras

I’ve come to really love Marika. Their running bras and shorts are quality and if you find them at a store like TJ Maxx, they’re priced well too! The black “strappy” bra is better for lower impact exercising, though, so I don’t really run in that one much. The pink bra is one of the most comfortable and supportive running bras I’ve ever worn. I think it may soon become a favorite (and replace my MPG).

Do you have any favorites or prefer any of these brands as well?



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