City Sights: August

I’ve been running downtown occasionally during the summer before the weather turns and it’s harder to run around the city. I have a couple of routes that I prefer, one of which I highlighted last month, and a quick jaunt from where I park for work to the East 9th Street pier. It’s a little rough getting here right after work, as people are walking or driving around (and not generally in the greatest moods), so the sidewalks are packed and the crosswalks are often difficult to use because of the traffic jams. But, once you break through the crowds, the sidewalk opens up and suddenly you’re running toward the lake! The pier is one of my favorite places to run because it provides a good balance between busy and peaceful. I’ve always seen other people here, but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t have a moment to myself to just take in the scenery [except if I’m running with R…so annoying ;)] and love our city.

K lake run 2
K lake run


If K’s posting city pics, I have to offset with nature pics. And fortunately, I spent this past weekend out in nature! After spending Friday and Saturday celebrating our wonderful friend Lindsey’s birthday, I made a trip down to Hocking Hills to meet up with my high school friends!

R hocking hills

Now, unfortunately, I did not do a whole lot of running while I was there. There was hiking, and a lot of hot tubbing, and of course a lot of beverages. But for you runners who ever make your way down there, definitely take some time to go around the trails. I kind of wish I had, and now I can’t wait for my next trip down to do so!

R hocking hills 2