Munday Runday: Chapstick

Do you ever get runner mouth? If you do, you know what I mean. Chapped lips are the standout issue with runner mouth for me at least. Whether it’s because it’s February and the windchill is -20 or because it’s 95 degrees outside before 10am and you’re dehydrated, you run (hehe) the risk of ending up with some parched lips after a quick jaunt.

I’m pretty particular about my chapstick. I almost always use Blistex because I love the menthol and it’s a perfect consistency between glossy and a heavier product. Most of the time, I put some on before a run and I’m good to go.


But, sometimes the weather calls for something more serious and that’s when I reach for the Vaseline. My friend recently gave me one of these tiny Vaseline chapstick pots and it changed everything! I have a pink tinted one and immediately went out and bought the cocoa butter one as well. I can’t say if my lips “glow” because of it, but it definitely softens them and protects well!


Moisture is everything, folks!