2nd Annual Rugger Run 5K

Saturday, August 22, 2015
~70°F, 9:30am Edgewater Park

We ran this race last year and loved it! The folks that organize the race are wonderful (admittedly, we are friends with some that are involved, so we’re a tiny bit biased). Last year’s race was held in September, so the weather this year was a bit different, but a little cooler than expected. And believe us when we say, we were TOTALLY fine with that after the heat last weekend.

Both of us had a pretty hard workout on Friday, so we were expecting to struggle a little bit with this race. Despite this, we were still excited and curious to see what would happen. We arrived at Edgewater and got our bibs pinned on, ready to run. The first mile was pretty good for both of us. We were running strong and enjoying the beautiful weather. Shortly after the first mile, the giant hill took most of K’s energy. Meanwhile, R’s solid first mile quickly slowed as the workout from earlier and the hill ganged up on him.

During the last mile, K caught up with someone she had been leap-frogging with the entire race. They hopped back and forth a few more times and when they rounded the corner to the finish line, K passed her, thinking it was the last pass. Suddenly, she heard her friendly competitor behind her, “I’m gonna get you”, inspiring a quick head-to-head race, finishing at the same time. If you have the opportunity to race someone like this in good fun, do it!

R came in at just a little slower than last week’s race, which was nice considering the pace of the last couple miles. Turns out, a strong start can make a big difference. Thankfully, the struggle from the hill was over in the first half of the race, and the rest of it was the familiar flat course along the edge of the lake.

We stuck around for the award ceremony and were both pleasantly surprised to hear that we each placed 2nd in our age groups! The workouts from Friday that weakened and scared us actually seemed to make us stronger and propel us forward. Our prizes were rugby balls – we’re not sure how to use them, but we’ll figure it out. 🙂

Be sure to check out this new race next year — it’s still in its infancy, but gaining strength and getting better every year. It also benefits Rugby Ohio and offers kids an opportunity to stay active and support their communities — who doesn’t love that?

-K and R


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