4th Annual Lake View Cemetery A Run Through History 5K

Sunday, August 16, 2015
~75°F, 9:00am The Lake View Cemetery

The morning started off beautifully! We both opted to ride our bikes to the cemetery, which ended up being a good choice for a few reasons: parking for bikes was more plentiful and we got to stay active even after the Run Through History was over! (Keep reading, you’ll see!)

Last year was K’s second time and R’s first time running this race. K had warned R about all of the hills, so he was naturally a bit worried about it the days leading up to the race last year. The hills were definitely no joke and K wasn’t lying.

Since we’ve both run this race previously, we knew EXACTLY what to expect, but those unforgettable hills still spark a little fear in us when we think about running this route.The beginning of the route leads runners downhill for the most part, but once the first couple of miles are over, that’s when the cursing begins. The final half mile of the race makes you wonder if the race organizers take pleasure in making runners suffer. Seriously. This. Is. Brutal. Heading straight uphill in the heat and humidity is TOUGH. But, then you round a corner (and maybe even naively think that the hills are behind you) and the cheering squad is there. Times are being shouted into a megaphone and finished runners are cheering everyone on, bagels and water are waiting around the corner of the Garfield Memorial, and you know you’ve made it – there’s no stopping now! The finish line here might be the most rewarding just because no matter what level runner you are, you know you ran HARD. Plus, there’s nothing like plopping down on the grassy hill around the corner and taking pride in your finish over some fruit and getting grass stuck to your very sweaty legs.

While the hills were killer (ask anyone who ran this race and they could go on for a bit too long about the challenges here), the route was just so beautiful that neither of us really minded. The blooming foliage, the magnificent sculptures, and the history here is breathtaking. If you haven’t had a chance to explore on your own, this is a perfect opportunity to check out the scenery that the cemetery offers. While you’re running, the tough route is actually planned really well, giving runners a glimpse of a variety of landmarks, and when you’re done running, you can cool down with a map and do some sightseeing.

Even though the heat and humidity made the final stretch of this race pretty rough for both of us, we couldn’t have asked for a prettier course or a friendlier staff. The rewards that come from crossing the finish line here every year are definitely worth it! And we can’t forget all of the puppies that we had the pleasure of meeting!

2015 2

Almost more memorable than the race itself was how we spend the remainder of the day afterward. As you may have guessed, from the tone of our past few posts, we were hitting a bit of a hump in our training, and it’s been hard to get back into the right mindset. So we decided to break from our usual motto (WE DO IT FOR THE BLOODYS), and not drink after the race! Little did we know, we’d take it way further than that, and spend most of the day active and healthy.

R isn’t as familiar with the cemetery as K is, so right after the race we walked around the beautiful grounds, and tried to find the memorable sights (we even got a shoutout from our friends at the cemetery!). We saw some scary but amazing sculptures, the Garfield and Rockefeller memorials, and a bunch of names we recognized from our time at Case. (Shoutout to Case students–if you haven’t hunted Case names here, spend a beautiful Sunday wandering the cemetery for some cool finds!)

R feeling aRtsy

We walked quite a bit, and we felt pretty wiped afterward, so we biked back to K’s place, grabbed a quick shower, and got back on the bikes for a lunch at The Stone Oven. Needless to say, it was delicious and refreshing. That gave us even MORE ENERGY, so we did some chores (laundry, yardwork, so much excitement!) and found ourselves hungry after a long day. We were tempted to head over to Happy Dog for some grease and delicious empty calories, but couldn’t ruin our streak when we considered all of the Fresh Fork veggies and sausage that K and Ernest hadn’t eaten yet.

Then this happened…

Fresh fork feast

So I guess what we’re trying to say is thank you, Lake View Cemetery, for letting us see what a healthy race day can be like…and save most of our indulgences for Monday. Being healthy isn’t ALL about perfection (Sunday was perfect, though…). It’s about balance and enjoying some challenges: running tough hills in the morning, enjoying some soup instead of a bloody mary, and denying yourself a hot dog for some AMAZING locally sourced produce and sausages; as well as some indulgences: like a crisp and refreshing mead with dinner!


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