Munday Runday: Just GO

I’m going to run today.

Due to some sickness and some laziness, and wayy wayy too many nights out (though some for very good reason), my training has really taken a backseat these past couple weeks. I’ve still done some cross and some attempts at runs, but generally a pretty lackluster effort.

So I’m going to run today.

I don’t have a run on my schedule. I’m not going to set a goal distance. I won’t have audio cues on. I just need to get. out. there. and. run.

I’m not even thinking of this run as a “training” run per say, but rather a “reset” after the week/weekend, to get myself back into the right mindset. No matter the distance, or pace, the point is to get shoes on the pavement and break this bad streak. Let’s do this.