City Sights: July

I know I’ve talked about how I prefer natural scenery to manmade landmarks, but wow, does downtown Cleveland put me on the fence! If you know me or have been near me as I’ve approached the Guardians of Traffic on foot or by car, you know that I am unwaveringly in love with these sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge. The bridge and the sculptures are some of the coolest architecture in the city (I may be biased because I have a fascination with art deco architecture, decor, and…really, anything from that time period). When I started working downtown, I was so excited to be within walking distance (OK, it may be more like running distance for those not so inclined to walk serious mileage) of these landmarks, and I get even more excited when the weather cooperates and I can squeeze in a downtown run. I get to say hello to my favorite fellows, get some amazing photos of them and the skyline, and also complete a fairly challenging workout – have you run that bridge before?! The incline is deceiving!

One of my favorite men


FullSizeRender (1)


Well, if K’s gonna talk about downtown, I feel like it’s only fair for me to talk about her side of the tracks, East Side. Now, this one may be a bit of a stretch, as I’ve only run down this way a few times, during my long runs down to Case. But I do bike or bus it daily, because it’s right by my work! I’m talking, of course, about the Euclid and 105th intersection!

Euclid and 105th

Wait what? What’s so special about this seemingly normal intersection?

Glad you asked! This little corner of our world got some national (international?) attention yesterday on Google’s homepage!

This spot was home, 101 years ago yesterday, to the very first electric traffic signal! I wish there was some kind of historical marker there or something, but alas, this wonderfully fun fact remains largely unknown (even to me, till yesterday). And since I’m sad that a huge deal wasn’t made over it all over the city, I’m using my tiny platform on the internet to rave about how cool it is!

Thank you, Cleveland, for 101 years of safer intersections, and places for runners to do their goofy in-place jog waiting for lights to change. 🙂