Munday Runday: Blog Thoughtz

GUYS HEY, do you like our blog???

I hope so, but even if not, we certainly do!

In fact, we like it so much that we want to make it bigger and better, and make sure that nothing ever happens to it. It’s our precious. And we loves it.

So as much as we love using Ghost, I think we’re going to move on to a platform that’s a little more managed and a little less hands-on. But we’re not sure which platform yet!

Front-runners are WordPress and Tumblr. Medium is an option, but I’m not too convinced on that yet. Consider that we’d like to have a reasonable amount of control with minimal headache. We’re fine with paying a little bit if it’s the right choice.

Before we settle in on a decision, we’d love to hear from any seasoned bloggers who have a favorite platform! Any and all thoughts are welcome; we’re new here, so we want to hear about your experiences.