Munday Runday: Shoe Hoarding

I can’t explain why I save my running shoes. There comes a time when they’re just not usable anymore, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I have some thoughts on this sort of “hoarding”, but ultimately I just don’t know exactly why I do it.

It could be the financial investment. There’s hundreds of dollars’ worth of Newton shoes on a shelf in our basement. But that investment has paid off so well – $100+ for running shoes is a drop in the bucket when it comes to not injuring myself (any worse than I already would have), so I don’t NEED to keep them past their due date.

It could be for the memories. The blood stains, worn tread, and gnawed shoe laces tell stories. From blisters growing to watching kittens fight shoes, there are memories stored in the soles of those shoes. But I have a pretty decent memory, tend to journal, and track all of my workouts, so I don’t NEED to look at a shoe to remember running in it.

Lox killing shoe
She wrestled that shoe so hard.

It could just be who I am. I’ve always showed a slight hoarding tendency. I hesitate to call it “collecting” the same as I hesitate to call it “hoarding”. When I was younger, I obsessed over my pencil collection, my bookmark collection, and my Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, and trolls (each of which had a name and record of its place in my collection.). So, this whole compulsion for saving things isn’t new to me by any means—it’s part of my nature, which I guess running has become as well.

In the end, I guess it only makes sense for me to take up a whole shelf in the basement for beaten and haggard old shoes. Simply put: I love them!