Munday Runday: Braids

I’ve had many hair styles in the past handful of years, from buzzed pixie to shoulder length and flat (my “Hanson brother haircut” that I complained about for months…). Through some trial and error, I’ve found that there are some tricks to running with wildly different haircuts. What it comes down to, regardless of length, is braids.

My hair is fine and fluttery, so it’s sometimes hard to get it to stay out of my face without a ton of hairspray, which is a bit disappointing (I avoid hair products when possible). Ponytails or singular braids are obviously great choices, but my hair is rarely long enough for one of those. Braids in all forms seem to be what work best for me. A tight french braid, or variation of one, near my hairline and falling toward the back of my ear keeps those fluttery fly-away hairs under control and out of my eyes. These little braids keep the smaller “bangs” tamed and I feel like it looks pretty cute, which is a nice bonus when you’re sweating up a storm and looking crazed (and sometimes dripping last night’s makeup down your face). If I don’t have enough hair to pull back in a ponytail after braiding those “bangs”, I’ll either leave it down or pull two tiny pigtails to either side to keep my hair from sticking to my neck.

I’ve gotten a bit lazy about braiding lately, though, so I’m thinking of buying a hat…any suggestions?


One of my many braids and pigtails combos (pardon the post-race quality of the photo)