25th Annual A Most Excellent Race

Sunday, June 28, 2015
~62°F, 9:00am Beaumont School

We really enjoy this Most Excellent Race (this was K’s third year and R’s second)–the benefit of the fundraising and the overall vibe of the event is one of the best we’ve encountered. Everyone is positive and the fact that there is a 10K option is super! Not to mention the course, which is flat, fairly shaded, and shows off some of Cleveland Heights’ scenery, is a nice change from the city scape and hills we so often see.

OK. Moving on to our experience. Commence the saga:

It all began at around 11:15pm on Saturday night. K was getting herself ready for a solid 6 hours of sleep (hopefully–she was getting excited since this would be their first race since the Cleveland Marathon mid-May) and R was…well he was not getting himself ready for bed. R texted K, “second litre at hofbrau?”. K, being the reasonable person she is, explained that it’s probably not the best idea, but why not?! Now is the time to live! Little did she know, she should have instructed him in the rest of his actions that evening while she was at it…

The beginning
The beginning…

As you can see, they had planned on meeting at 7:30am. K woke up at 7am, groggy and struggling to get moving. Rain and gloom, plus a comfortable bed were working against her. 7:15am rolled around and she knew she should at least get dressed to pick R up, then they could go back home and relax a bit before the race (the school is 5 minutes from the homestead, but K values punctuality too much and would rather lose 30 minutes of sleep to be extra prepared). She texted R about her struggles, but knew the message would serve to assure him that she was awake (and hoped his response would work vice versa).

The end
The end…

No response…a few text messages and phone calls later, and it was 8:15am. K left for the high school, slightly angry, but mostly worried about R.

  • Oh good–he registered…wait.
  • Did something bad happen to him last night?
  • R is a very forgetful person. He leaves his phone everywhere. Was it still at Hofbrauhaus?
  • Had he also forgotten to charge it?

8:30am: R texts K. He’s awake, he feels awful, he’ll be there. She doesn’t know what to say–she’s already at the race and his apartment is around, well, 30 minutes away and the race starts then.

9:00am: The race begins, and K is wondering if R made it, how he could have managed to make it in time…if he was too dehydrated and headachey to move. DID HE BREAK HIS STREAK. (Seriously that was all she was thinking of now that she knew he was alive and had his phone.)

9:05am: K sees R running in the pack. He’s RUNNING. HE’S THERE…he’s not feeling so hot. They stick together for most of the first mile, make some jokes, praise the Hofbrauhaus gods that R made it, then he drops behind.

End of the race:

Okay this is R taking over for the rest of this.

2ND LITRE, WHYYYYY. (Ahem…because I said so? -K)

One more fun fact about my morning: dialing an Uber, getting dressed, and running out of the apartment in three minutes sets the stage pretty perfectly for one to forget one’s headphones. So, among other “challenges”, this was my first race without music.

And did we mention it was raining?


Crawling across the finish line actually felt pretty good. My desperation to get to the race on time had a lot to do with not wanting to break the year-and-a-half long streak, but this is also not a race you want to miss. Like we said, it’s certainly a fun, positive race, and you’re sure to see some cool costumes along the way. And after all, this is a race about overcoming obstacles, right? 🙂

2015 2
We made it!

If we can offer one critique, it’s that the awards are so long after the end of the race. Especially when you’re wet, cooling down, and possibly hungover. But, given the different formats offered, maybe this is unavoidable.

In the end, we finished happy, regardless of all of the roadblocks and nervous moments we experienced. We were soggy, we made it to our 18th consecutive monthly race, we supported a fantastic cause, and we kept running.

-K & R