Munday Runday: Road ID

I know I’ve talked about Road ID before, but I’m a serious fan of this company and its products, so I’m not going to shut up soon. The reflective gear has been incredibly useful during the winter and on darker runs, but what really makes me feel safe is the Road ID bracelet that I ordered long before the reflective gear. I wholly believe that these ID bracelets are crucial for runners that run on sidewalks or roads, and I’ve even convinced a couple of friends to invest as well.

I recently learned that Road ID fans are everywhere! When I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, someone struck up a conversation with our group as we were taking in the sights at Planet Hollywood. When conversation seemed to falter, I noticed that he was wearing a Road ID and immediately made it even more awkward with a bunch of weird questions about his bracelet! YESSS. He was probably wearing it out of habit, since he was a bicyclist, but I like to think he put it on for safety in Sin City that night.


Bonus: Not only is it useful to have your ID information on a bracelet in case something happens and you’re unable to speak for yourself, but it’s really fun collecting the badges for the bracelets. I have one for each distance I’ve run and even converted 10 miles (I LOVE the Cleveland 10 miler and run every year now!) to 16.0934K to keep in line with my 5K and 10K badges. R and I also customized one after we made it through 12 months of races (RKRACEDAY). Customizing and adding badges to your bracelet can make it even more fun to wear as a running accessory!

The point is, be safe out there and keep running!



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