Munday Runday: Cavs Edition


And not just because of the stressful roller coaster of emotions that comes from being a Cleveland fan. Not just the anxiety of falling behind in the series while being this close to ending our drought.

Having Cavs on the mind 100% of the time also means, I’m really slacking when it comes to running/staying healthy.

My mentality toward fitness has always tended toward extremes, one way or the other. If I’m on a roll when it comes to running, I usually straighten out most other aspects of my life too. I start cooking, eating right, even spilling into other things like organizing the apartment. Not a bad state to be in.

On the other hand, if something comes along to disrupt that perfect flow, usually everything else also gets thrown out the door. In this case, watching the series seems to go hand in hand with drinking every other night, eating shitty bar foods, staying out super late, and not getting much sleep. If this sounds dramatic to you, than you haven’t felt what downtown has felt like for the past few weeks. It’s electric.

Obviously, this isn’t the greatest coping strategy in the world. It’s similar to how when people slip up in dieting, they decide the whole day is a wash, and binge the whole rest of the day. In response to that mentality, I’ve heard it said: “If you accidentally ran one red light, you wouldn’t just decide it’s okay to run all the rest of them on your way, would you?” So here’s hoping I can alter this pattern, and go for a quick run today. Thinking of fitness as an “all or nothing” deal only makes things harder. But if that’s the price I pay this next week for being #ALLin, then so be it 😛