My Three Weeks as a Non-Runner

OK, the title of this post is a little dramatic. Because I took three weeks off from running, I don’t think I lost my title as a runner, but holy cow did I feel like anything but that. Luckily, I found ways to keep active so I didn’t get too restless.

Ernest and I have been biking as much as possible in the evenings, so because of that I was getting mileage in and I wasn’t as lazy as I expected I would be during my break. I also found that I kept challenging myself to some pretty intense hill riding to make sure my legs didn’t get bored. I now have new respect for bicyclists. Hills. Are. Hard. I could run up some of the steepest hills in town, but biking up them…girl, please. After discovering this new challenge, of course I’m determined to master a few of the nearby hills on my bike. This should come as no surprise to those that know me. I just keep finding new ways to push myself (mostly my legs).

K bike
Hipster status

I also found that this form of cardio was surprisingly satisfying (though not as much as running) and I wasn’t left feeling like I didn’t get my daily exercise in. My legs weren’t sore from any injuries, either, which is a feeling I took for granted until late last year. Being able to just walk without worrying that my ankles and lower calves would throw me into a limp is such a welcome change!

Bonus exercise: Last weekend, I was in Vegas for three nights for my friend Kelsey’s bachelorette party. I was worried about the amounts of alcohol and food I would be enjoying on this vacation, but if you’ve ever been to this city, you know that it sometimes forces you to walk A LOT. A few of us had step trackers and compared mileage and step counts daily – we were hitting near 10 miles a day, just walking. I feel like I may have even improved my fitness just getting around the city. And there’s still more good news! I didn’t have to walk around the sparkling city with my legs taped! Don’t get me wrong, I love my KT tape and it makes me feel pretty bad ass at times, but there’s just something about black and blue tape all over my legs that doesn’t make it an appealing accessory to cute outfits.

Luxor Vegas

Rooftop Vegas
Overall, my break wasn’t as bad as I expected. I even bought myself some new running gear right before the Cleveland marathon so I had something to look forward to! And, despite the painful humidity this time of year, it feels great to be back at it…though I may need to get back into EARLY morning runs soon.



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