Munday Runday: Newtons

When I first started running, I was running in whatever I had bought for walking around campus in college. Nothing special, but not the worst shoes. Until I started racing, they served me well. In fact,I still have them stored away (I have a bit of a pack rat problem…that’s another post). I then wore some Saucony shoes, which also served me well, but I ended up with a black toenail when I started training for my first half marathon. I needed a bigger toe space, different from the classic trainers which came to a bit of a point. I also knew this called for an upgrade in general, so I went to Second Sole and learned about Newton Running, which was fairly new at that time. I was fitted for the Distance U and immediately fell in love.

The shoes were a bit difficult to break in and get used to, but they provided good stability and led me into good form, which was crucial because I was also experiencing some back issues. When someone asked me about the brand and the shoe at the Cleveland marathon, I was happy to tell him that they were amazing. Since then, I’ve only tried to wear one other type of shoe and it was a horrible mistake. No offense to Adidas, but the blood blister that I got on my toe was probably the most horrifying surprise I’ve ever found in a shoe.

Newton pairs 1 & 4

I’ve gone through my fair share of shoes and have a nice collection of Newtons now, including the Distance U (x2), Energy, BOCO, Fate, and most recently, the Gravity III. They’re some of my most prized possessions—they’ve carried me across innumerable miles and memories.

Gravity III



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