City Sights: May

In May, we ran the Cleveland Marathon. OK, that’s not all, but we also took a significant amount of time off. R didn’t want to run in his years-old shoes, which made for 2 weeks off and K opted for 3 weeks off to heal some chronic injuries sustained in the winter. Don’t worry, though! We still made it out on some adventurous runs.

The Shaker Lakes

Shaker Lakes Pano.JPG
Ernest and I moved to Cleveland Heights in September and I had no idea how close Shaker was. Really. When we were in Little Italy, it always seemed like such an excursion to go visit a friend that lived in Shaker Heights or grab some happy hour drinks in Shaker Square. In reality, it wasn’t that far from Little Italy and it’s even closer to our house in Cleveland Heights. This made for some fun exploring in the fall on my first runs from the house and I quickly found one of my favorite spots in all of Cleveland.

It’s almost exactly 3 miles to the Shaker Lakes and back home–what a treat! After a few runs out to the lakes, I ventured out onto the trails close to one of the lakes. I loved running through the mud and having to slow my pace to be sure not to slip and fall in the slushy winter days. I found something that I’ll call “my spot” pretty soon after I started running here and I can’t really explain exactly where it is and, to be honest, I’ll probably never even personally take anyone to this exact spot because it’s so mine. It brings me such peace and it’s always silent, but full of emotion for me. I can’t explain my connection to this “spot” other than the feeling of solitude it always gives me; it’s often free of movement (whether from people or nature) and it just makes me love where we live even more.

K at Shaker Lakes
If you’re a super detective–or just familiar with the area, you may be able to figure out where my “spot” is, but just keep in mind that it’s mine. 😉



Are y’all tired of downtown pics yet? I’m not! (I promise I’ll try to switch it up some for next month).

For a few of my longer training runs when I was preparing for the half marathon in May, I had to extend my regular route beyond just up and down Payne to E 55th. East side alone wasn’t cutting it, so I’d run to 55th and turn back, running past home, and continuing into Ohio City.

This used to be a pretty easy way to sneak in another couple miles, but now it takes a little more zigging and zagging because Public Square is getting all dressed up!

I always try to catch a glimpse of the work being done inside, but it’s hard to tell how much they’ve done from outside the fences. So I’m going to cheat a little bit, and instead give you all a bird’s eye view of the pretty progress in the square.

Public Square construction
I absolutely cannot wait to see the new center of the city when it’s complete. It’s going to feel so new and different than the old familiar squares I’ve walked and run through so many times now. But at least some things aren’t going away, and some things will never change. Like Moses Cleaveland, and his hats made of feathered friends.

Moses Cleave poophead