Munday Runday: Listening

I train on podcasts, but run on tunes. This hasn’t always been the case. I used to plan my routes and my playlists obsessively, even if I was just going for a quick run. When I started running longer distances, I ran on full albums. When I hear those albums, I think back to specific points in my training that first year I ran the Cleveland half (looking at you, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, and Drive-by Truckers!). But even that isn’t indicative to what my running and listening habits are now. I feel like they’ve evolved so much over the years, and now I’m pretty much all over the place (literally and figuratively). It really depends on my mood, the time of day, season, and race!

Radiolab is a constant favorite, but I’ve blown through nearly every episode during my training. I even listened to Serial (thanks, R)…ahem…serially and have been dabbling in other podcasts like Love + Radio lately. The one thing that doesn’t change, though, is my playlist ritual for the Cleveland Marathon (we’ll be posting our race recap on Wednesday, 5/27!). I start thinking about my playlist anywhere from two weeks out or just the sleepless night before the race. I plan out the exact amount of time I need the music to play and I try to make sure there’s a good variety in my selections. This year, I even limited myself to one song per artist or group.

Some of my classic choices for this race are:

Do you have favorites you prefer to run to? Any training vs racing habits in your earbuds?