City Sights: April

In April, K took advantage of some pretty spring weather and ran to Wade Pond. R went to see the (finally) melted lake!

Lake Erie

Ahh, the lake. It’s the reason we have our bitter-cold winters, and the reason the chill stays with us so long into the summer months. It’s the reason we get feet upon feet of snow, and why the wind wails through the streets of downtown. (It’s also the root of the old “Mistake-on-the-Lake” moniker, but luckily we don’t hear that one thrown around much anymore!)

So many of Cleveland’s weather-related woes can be traced back to Lake Erie, that it’s easy to forget what a treasure it really is. The summer months are here, and the ice cube has given way to become our own little ocean. Running down at the pier, amid ships and seagulls, with the sound of water lapping the docks, feels like running in a whole different Cleveland than the one of just a few weeks ago.

lake running
Lake Erie running!

It brings back great memories to be down here. I favor the simplicity of long, straight streets for too many of my training runs. Back when I moved downtown two years ago, I wasn’t running as seriously, so I’d take short jogs winding through the pier. I’ll have to start doing that again, because I miss it (downtown Runday, K and Laurel??). I’d always stop near the bottom, just for a second, to take in the sunny skyline.


Wade Pond

Wade Pond
Wade Pond

When the weather finally started to break (if only slightly at first), I immediately started running to some of my favorite spring (yes, spring – R is getting carried away mentioning summer already) spots. In a way, I think this is one of the most beautiful times of the year because everything is coming to life and it’s fleeting. You don’t get a chance to tire of spring (this constant transition is also why I adore fall)– what a wonderful treat after winter! Runners tend to stick to a handful of routes, but the warmer weather makes it easier (and safer) to explore new places.

R chose to check out Cleveland’s “ocean”, while I stayed closer to my side of town. Wade Pond is such a hidden gem – or at least it is to me. When I was a student at CWRU, I didn’t spend nearly enough time exploring, so it took me awhile to find and appreciate this place. I especially loved this run (and the few others that brought me here last month) because I not only got to see plenty of blooming foliage and animals milling about, but I also saw tons of people emerging from dorms and office buildings! Students, professors, nurses and doctors from the clinic – everyone comes to life and spends some time getting fresh air here. Running to Wade Pond makes for a great adventure and opportunity to check out the sculptures by the museum!


Steps and fountain
Spying on statues