Munday Runday: Mind Games

1 weird trick to grow your hair!

Have you ever found you’ve…ahem…overhydrated before a run and you’re almost home, but not close enough? And there’s no way you can stop and squat behind a restaurant in Coventry (though I’m sure some people do…)? Or what about during a race and you don’t want to sacrifice time or pull damp, sweaty underwear back on, so you hold it?

Ew. Moving on.

This has certainly happened to me plenty of times and it just so happened to surprise me on some training runs during wedding planning in 2013. This is when I learned to play mind games with myself during runs. I had to distract myself from my bladder and the urge to just let it go, so I redirected my thoughts.

Like some girls, I had decided to grow my hair out for my wedding, so if I wanted a short style I could chop it all off, but if I wanted a pile of hair on my head, I could do that too. This goal actually came in handy for other purposes! Instead of thinking about losing control of my bladder, I thought about my hair growing during these risky runs. Each little strand of hair grew a tiny bit more with each step I took. Tedious, yes, but it took a lot of concentration and it distracted me. Before I knew it, I was home or crossing a finish line!

I used this skill over this past weekend during the Cleveland 10 miler when I realized I had to pee pretty early on in the race. I thought about my hair growing and I made it to the finish line without embarrassing myself! (Well…I’m sure those race photos will make up for it.)

Some related and uninvited comments from R: “I don’t get it. Quick stop at a bush by the road and you’re good to go, right? :-D”

…Wrecky! No one asked you.

Do you play mind games with yourself when you have a bathroom emergency when running? Let us know if you have any other tips!