Munday Runday: Boston Marathon!

Boston Marathon Day!

Oh my gosh. I am a newb; I had never watched a distance running event of any kind before today. And what a way to start! Things that were going through my mind:

  1. Whoa they made a formation! Like birds!
  2. 4:39. No. I couldn’t sprint anywhere close to that.
  3. This is making me excited for the Cleveland Marathon!
  4. His name is Hug and he is awesome.
  5. OMG these hills. Horrifying.
  6. Aww, goodbye Americans. You guys are still awesome!
  7. I just saw a close up of someone’s leg muscle. I feel stunningly inadequate.
  8. Women finished. That must have been heartbreaking for Dibaba. But huge congrats to Rotich!
  9. And another huge congrats to Desisa. You deserved to coast it in like that, you’re a true sportsman. (In case you missed it, Desisa won in 2013 and presented his medal to Boston in support of the city’s strength and unity after the tragic bombing.)
  10. Just wow.

I can’t wait to run in May, and can’t wait to watch again next year. K had many many thoughts too, but could only formulate one into a sentence, so I’ll leave you all with that:

“I cry every year.” – K



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