Munday Runday: Reflective Gear

I recently invested in some reflective gear to keep me running through the cold and dark winter doldrums. There were a few factors in my timing of this purchase, including:

  1. A sale on RoadID;
  2. A move from Little Italy, where there is plenty of movement and light in the mornings and nights, to Cleveland Heights, where things are quieter and darker;
  3. A new running route that includes Cedar Road and some intersection crossings AKA dangerous, crazy drivers; and
  4. A refusal to join a gym and therefore an attempt to run through the frigid and dark Cleveland winter.

In reality, I probably should have bought some of these inexpensive items long ago, but we don’t need to dwell on that. The important part is that now I can run in the early morning and catch my favorite time of day (sunrise!) with an added level of safety.

I opted for the ankle and wrist cuffs with adjustable velcro fasteners. These were affordable and get the job done, but there are plenty of other options out there, including headlamps or reflective belts, laces, vests, and stickers from a variety of companies.

Sometimes it takes a close call to convince people of something, but I stress reflective gear and safety precautions with all of my running friends, because no one wants a close call to be something more than close.



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