City Sights: March

Welcome to City Sights! We’ll each talk a little bit about where we’ve been running in the great city of Cleveland during the past month and why we love it so much!

In March, K ran in the Lakeview Cemetery and R took in some downtown sights. Keep reading for some musings and photos!

Lakeview Cemetery


It took me a long time to get the courage to run through Lakeview Cemetery. I was living in Cleveland and going to school right next door to this landmark for at least 3 years before I did any exploring. I think this was because I was afraid of getting lost among the hills and winding trails, but it also felt sort of…disrespectful. It’s not unknown that I have an appreciation for grim and strange things, but running through a cemetery seemed a bit too much. Once I jogged through those gates, though, everything changed.

I don’t feel unwelcome when it comes to running in the cemetery because I feel like I run differently here. I take my time. I run in awe. Manmade construction on runs isn’t always my favorite (I prefer nature’s creations on my runs), but the gravemarkers, mausoleums, and monuments here work with nature in such a beautiful way that I end up breathless (and not because of the run or the massive hills that are wonderful for training). My favorite spot is down by the Lakeview dam. Once you get down there, the whole place opens to a clearing among the trees and landscaping that is absolutely surreal (photos can’t do the feel of the area justice). The peace, the nature, the mausoleums separated from all of the other gravesites–it’s all just perfect. Even during the not-so-green months in Cleveland, the Lakeview Cemetery is a treasure.





Oh, manmade construction isn’t your favorite? That’s okay IT’S MY FAVORITE. Seriously, I’ll never say no to nature (we are the Forest City after all), but I get my biggest highs from zigging and zagging between pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks during rush hour. My typical route takes me down past AsiaTown, Tower Press, CSU, and other such Cleveland strongholds, but today I’m going to feature my runs through the heart of downtown.

Living in Reserve, all I have to do is turn a corner to be in the middle of the hype and excitement of Cleveland’s revival. On one of my recent runs, there was a show getting started at Playhouse just as I was going past on Euclid and 14th. The crowds were filling in, getting in lines, looking into restaurants, taking pictures of the chandelier. It was a reminder that our city, and our downtown, is still something novel, something to be taken in and experienced. And running through the streets, with visitors stepping aside to let me through, makes me feel very much a part of the city and the experience.

This run ended on St. Clair with a beautiful view of Cleveland’s present and future. On one side, the Fountain of Eternal Life, framed by the silhouettes of Key and Terminal towers. On the other, our new Hilton Hotel being built alongside the Cleveland Convention Center. I could take the same route every day and not get bored, while the city changes and grows around me.