4th Annual Lakewood Jig and Jog

Saturday, March 20, 2015
45°F, 9:30am at West Park Station

Hi everyone! This is our first race recap, so our format is subject to change as we figure out what works for us and for you as readers. Let us know what you’d like to see in the future in the comment section!

Potatoes in Our Pot of Gold

2015 1 (1)

This race day was overall EXCELLENT, but we got off to a rocky start with a series of mishaps. As a running duo, this was our second year running the Lakewood Jig and Jog. (K ran it two years ago with fellow running buddy, Bryden.) Last year, we ran the race with K’s dad, who tragically stepped on a nail the night before the race this year. A NAIL. (Exhibit A) This is proof that there is always danger lurking around the corner for any well-prepared runner. This year, the race location and sponsor changed, so we weren’t familiar with the area! (Exhibit B) We tend to plan extra time before races, which was good because R announced upon getting in the car (K drives to all the races because #guhadontdrive) that he hadn’t registered (Exhibit C) and we needed to get to a brand new place. We made the trek across town in a slightly roundabout way (thanks, Google maps) and had a slight panic when we couldn’t see parking (Exhib…OK, you get the idea) (thanks, stranger, for your kind direction). We parked quickly and jogged inside, where R, flustered at this point, registered while K picked up her t-shirt and realized she would be running with an unwelcome guest: a wedgie. Back at the car, R continued his flustered morning, struggling to tie his tracking chip to his shoe. Had he forgotten how to tie a bow? Clearly, our racing preparation skills were a little rusty after waiting over a month between the Chili Bowl and the Jig and Jog. Regardless, we lined up to start with just enough time to cue up Runkeeper and take off!

Despite all the hang-ups, the race itself went well for both of us! We were both happy with our times and impressed with the pleasant weather. After the wind and cold last year, this temperature and the occasional peek of sun was quite the blessing. Between the two locations, we found that Bird Town and West Park both provide mostly flat and enjoyable courses (as well as some classic Cleveland potholes). The start was a little rough though (EXHIBIT??), according to K, as it started directly on the road, where traffic was still flowing. This made it difficult and dangerous to pass runners and walkers, posing the threat of tripping or being pushed out in front of a car driving a little too close. (Overall bonus: we saw a tiny leprechaun!)

West Park Station bloody
Part of the Bloody Mary bar

We always end racedays with a celebratory drink—shout out to West Park Station and their Bloody Mary bar! (Don’t be surprised if you read something similar every month.) After a couple of bloodies, we went over to the beloved La Plaza for tacos (R’s first time), where we picked up 10 tacos and headed to the Durbshaw Cottage for lunch with K’s husband, Ernest, and some blog thoughts to finish the day.

-K & R